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Professional Aquaculture Specialists

Professional Aquaculture Specialists

Maya’s Aquaculture edge

Offshore and land based fish farm experience and expertise

Proven record for setting up and operating open sea fish farms

Hatchery experience and expertise on marine and freshwater species

Patented offshore cage growing system and intensive crustacean growing apparatus

Expertise in formulation of sustainable fish diets using quality fish meal as well as alternative protein sources from marine algae and soy.

Organizer of one of the most comprehensive disease prevention programs anywhere in the world.

Expertise and experience in building and operating a fish processing plant according to strict HACCP guidelines necessary for export of fish

Expertise and extensive experience in fish farm insurance, properly structuring a policy to cover the risks of mariculture with the right companies.

Maya has worked with on past projects and utilizes on current projects these world class experts for every aspect of aquaculture

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