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Previous Projects

Two of the Projects developed and managed previously

Offshore Sea Bream farm in Israel

Vertically integrated fish farm growing Red Drum

Current Projects
Kapenta farm

Kapenta farm on Lake Tanganyika in Africa.  First farm of this kind, to supply this fish, which is a staple in the diet of millions of people in Zambia and surrounding countries

Lobster farm in Singapore

  High tech Lobster farm Proof of Concept project in Israel for planned future development in Singapore.  This state of the art farm is being developed to enable local farming and eliminate shipping lobster across the world to supply the restaurants and consumers

Tilapia farm in Nigeria for Aqua Criadero.

Tilapia farm in Nigeria for Aqua Criadero. Developing the largest vertically integrated fish farm in Africa which will be the central Aquaculture operation for all of Lagos.

Tilapia project in Nicaragua,

Tilapia project in Nicaragua, to help promote Aquaculture in this country

Sea Bream farm in Morocco

Sea Bream farm in North Africa.  A state of the art farm on the Mediterranean Sea, with sales planned for Israel

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